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6 Easy T-Shirt Makeovers

If your like me, you have alot of t-shirts that for whatever reason you just cant part with. Whether they even fit, look worn or just plain sentimental. Heres some great ideas to bring em back to life…

Front bow top via Boreable to Adorable @Craftster
Lacy tee via Cathie Filian
Brown tie shirt via Joy Folie
Summer dress tee via Diary of a Mad Crafter
Sexy top via Diana Cristea @ Instructables
30 Min re-fashion via Nic Howard. Typepad

Think I have some drawers to clean out!

5$ Bookshelves

While researching a way to keep princess P’s room organized, I stumbled across this nifty idea…

Gutter bookshelves


Then…I got a bit outta control with the Tissue paper flowers and over 250 butterfly wall cutouts!

P's room

Helpful Tip-scrapbook paper offers a lot of cute patterns!